About the Braintrust Professional Institute

We work with leaders and their teams to bridge strategy and execution, to build capacity, generate alignment, and drive growth.

Our focus is service and knowledge-based businesses: Agencies, Law firms, Accounting/Consulting firms, Incubators/Accelerators, and Associations.

Leadership Team

Randall Craig


Randall has held a long-time position at KPMG, was an executive at an American public company, and founded (and exited) two of his own companies. He has served over 100 organizations as an advisor or board member, leads the Braintrust Professional Institute, and is a venture partner at a VC. Randall has written 8 books and has built a library with over 1100 resources. Randall delivers C-suite coaching, facilitates high-stakes meetings, and delivers key training courses.

Randall has been inducted into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame, earned a Black Belt in Karate, and has written a Broadway-style musical. He holds an FCMC, CFA, MBA, CSP, and is a certified Basadur Simplexity facilitator.

Ronja Francoeur

Director of Programming

Ronja has held prior roles as a facilitator and marketing leader in an advisory firm, and is an expert in marketing and digital marketing management. Ronja is responsible for the operational leadership of the Braintrust Professional Institute, and has co-created the library of Braintrust courses and resource kits. She advises leaders on the best way to invest in their leadership, motivate their teams, and scale their businesses, and delivers key training courses.

Ronja is bilingual, an active community leader, and a graduate of the Innovation Governance Program. She holds an Honours BA from York University, in addition to a Certificate of Technical and Professional Writing.

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How We Help Scale Organizations

Build key skills in your team (and your leadership),
 develop competitive advantage, alignment, and growth.

An integrated program to drive significant change: Builds capacity to connect your strategy and execution.

We bring been-there-before perspective, tactical insights, and tough
questions to the table.

12-month CPD/CE program with monthly virtual presentations and weekly micro-learning reinforcements.

Upskill key employees with specific and practical self-paced learning to sharpen core business and marketing skills.

Improve business acumen and management skills with MBA-in-a-Day and Management Essentials Programs

Keynotes at Kick-offs and Conferences

Motivate your team, launch an initiative, and deliver a strong message... all aligned with your priorities.

Curious? Questions? Interested in exploring the possibilities?