Business Growth Coaching

Performance coaching that provides perspective, creative thinking, and been-there-before advice on solving your most challenging problems... and scaling your business. 

Solving the "You don't know what you don't know" problem

Most leaders are not searching for a coach, but are looking to so­­lve a problem: business growth, better high-stakes decisions, strategy, marketing, people, finance, and technology.  Randall works exclusively with senior leaders (and boards) as a sounding board and problem-solver, with been-there-before advice, creative thinking, and perspective.  

He brings tough questions to the table, and provides strategic and tactical insights on how issues might be resolved, and how business growth can be achieved.  

• How to solve the "I have no time/I'm too stretched" issue.
• How to maximize utilization? Improve processes?
• How to expand? New products, new markets, new geographies.
• Building and working with your team: Leadership team dynamics, HR processes, when to hire, training, etc.
• Developing and refining your marketing strategy.
•  High-stakes negotiation assistance
•  Making the best of your tech investments.
• Product management and roadmaps.
• How to best work with your board.
• Pitch critiques and taking on investors.
• And on and on and on.

Randall also brings 1100+ agency-specific resources to the coaching relationship: tools, templates, articles, and videos. 

Making an Impact

Managing growth at a multi-location agency: Shared best practices with the founder on business leadership, structure, and strategy, as the business (and complexity) scaled.
Stalled growth at a consulting firm: Helped the CEO completely re-think all marketing to business development to delivery processes.  
Global growth for a B2B SAAS start-up: Helped the CEO scale their operation, despite challenging financial constraints.  
Unmotivated executive: Coached on personal leadership for a public sector senior manager.  
New executive role: Mentored a high potential leader in their first executive role at a multinational financial institution.  
Business Transformation: Helped the CEO move their business from a professional services delivery model to a SAAS business model.  
Bootstrap Start-up: Coached a founder on building their bootstrap start-up.  
Sale to a large acquirer: Guided the CEO through the negotiations and sale process.  
Family firm succession: Coached both generations in a boutique consulting firm on planning and priorities.  

Our Clients Speak

• “Working with Randall has catapulted my business to the next level and beyond.” AH, Founder  
• “Randall was incredibly deft at picking through the “noise” to help me drive sustainable growth.” HS, Founder  
• “Working with him over the years transformed the organizations I led.” AD, Exec Director  
• "There is nothing I can't bring to the table: he's seen it all and cannot only advise, but empathize." LC, Founder

What people are saying about Randall

"A top number one communicator and visionary with excellent skills and technical knowledge. I can recommend Randall without reservation."

Bob Coffey
Vice Chair, KPMG 

"Randall's astute counsel and strategic perspective have been invaluable to me as the CEO. His knowledge across the broad range of strategy, marketing, and technology has been invaluable."

Kirk Layton
President and Founder, eServus 

"Randall has the unique ability to cut to the heart of the issue and provides concrete ideas that change the way you think and clarify what needs to be done."

Cass Bayley
President, Bayley Group 

"Randall is a perceptive, highly innovative thinker with an acute awareness of the fundamental principles of business."

Patrick Ferrier
President, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher-Ed

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