Continuing Professional Development

An annual education program of capacity-building presentations and learning reinforcements at a  fixed price, designed to improve your organization's effectiveness.

The Benefits of CPD from the Braintrust Professional Institute  

• Professional development for as many employees, clients or members, all at a fixed monthly cost, and in a modern, just-in-time format.
• The organization will build a common vocabulary, leading to better decisions and lower risk.  There is stronger alignment as everyone grows together.
• Instead of full-day workshops, learning is layered throughout the year... and is more likely to be translated into action. 
• Professional development without the uncertainty of cost overruns, surprise invoices, and logistics headaches. Just-in-time training without taking people off the job for a full day (and without travel expenses)

Competitive Advantage

Client Impact

Engagement & Retention

Team Alignment

• Build a thinking and innovating team
• An employee benefit that can improve  recruitment
• Competitive differentiation
• A more effective delivery team
• A corporate culture of investing in staff
• The possibility of inviting clients to your CPD sessions
•  A workforce that sees you invest in them
• A more engaged team
•  Increased employee retention
• CPD builds a common vocabulary 
• Improved uptake of new ideas with open-to-all CPD
• Injection of motivation

How it Works

Simple.  Effective.  Impactful.


Initial Onboarding

Choose a sequences of topics from our 70+ CPD topics, we confirm the dates, and set up the logistics and tech. We'll take care of it all, and make you look like a hero.


Monthly (or bimonthly or quarterly) CPD

Each month, your organization will send out an invitation email that contains a link to the training. The attendee registers, and the system sends them a personalized link. Or if you prefer, we can embed the training link within a recurring meeting request. Full registration and attendance reporting is provided.


Weekly Reinforcement

Each week, we will send you a Tipsheet that you can distribute throughout your organization. This micro-learning explores a topical issue keyed to the CPD, and will “cue” (and reinforce) the learning from the training itself.

Each Tipsheet has a similar format: (1) A challenge, issue, or opportunity that an individual or team may face. (2) An exploration of the topic, with perspective and insights, and
(3) an "Action Item" that the person or team can implement immediately. 

Presentation and Q&A on Strategies to Develop Your Continuing Professional Development (Continuing Education) Program

Curious about collaborating to enhance your CPD/CE?
We are happy to answer any questions.

Getting Started

We'll start by asking you a few questions:


What are the key challenges you are  facing?

What are you obstacles to organizational growth? Where are the areas of friction?  And what are your priorities, strategically and tactically?  We'll start with a discovery call to understand these questions, then identify the knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.


What are the priority skills your team needs?

Where are you spinning your wheels? Does your sales and marketing need a boost? Do you need to breathe new life into your strategic thinking, innovation, or critical thinking capabilities? Or are there tactical skill upgrades that will make a difference.
(See below for examples of skill development sequences.)


What is your preferred CPD cadence?

The Capacity vs Aspiration debate:  How far and how fast do you want to go to reach your goals? And what is the capacity of your team to absorb and implement new learning?  (We offer CPD on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis.) 


Preferred delivery method?

We typically recommend virtual training, as this minimizes travel costs and time away from the office. It also means that people can access the training from geographically dispersed locations. (We do offer in-person training as an option, as well as a "hybrid" approach: in-person at an annual event, followed by monthly virtual learning.)

Specialized Done-for-You CPD programs

Only looking to upskill a key group within your organization?  We've got you covered – you decide who will benefit from upskilling, and we can provide specialized CPD just for a specific department, seniority level, or geography.  

Sample CPD topic sequences:  Here are some sample CPD topic sequences for different groups.  Actual topics for your organization would be chosen by you, and completely customized. (Browse our most requested CPD topics to create your own series.)

For Leaders

Leaders know what they know, but they don't know what they don't know.  The goal of this CPD topic sequence is to provide new "raw material" to improve leadership decision-making.

Example CPD Topic Sequence

•  Building AI into the innovation process
•  Mitigating AI risks and lost opportunities > It's not called thought followership
•  Becoming a trusted advisor
•  Building a high-performing culture
•  Strategic blogging for leaders
•  A professional speaker's guide to pitches

For Business Development

Most successful bus dev professionals recognize that doing the "same-old same-old" in a changing business environment will not yield better results.  This topic sequence introduces new ideas,  builds depth, and is focused on practical skills.

Example CPD Topic Sequence

•  Becoming a Trusted Advisor
•  Networking for success
• Digital prospecting for professionals
• Online research: becoming an online sleuth
• Getting results with your CRM
• Critical Thinking Skills
• A professional speakers' guide to pitches

For Marketing

There is rarely a "magic bullet" for marketing - just continuous innovation, testing, and building out a powerful marketing stack.  This topic sequence introduces new thinking and new approaches.

Example CPD Topic Sequence

•  Trust-based marketing
•  Practical AI for Marketers
•  Strategic Digital Integration
•  Journey Mapping, touchpoints & improving engagement
•  Event marketing: bums in seats and minds engaged
•  Inbound marketing and content strategy
•  Using marketing automation for growth
• Social media without wasting time and losing your identity

For Managers

Managers rely on "what they know" to do their job - so it follows that if you increase what they know, they will be in a position to be more effective.  The goal of this CPD topic sequence is to build a "toolkit" of practical  knowledge that can help.

Example CPD Topic Sequence

• Critical thinking and analytical skills
•  Facilitation skills
•  Presentation skills
• Becoming a trusted advisor
• Building a high-performing culture
• Building an agile organization
• Business development
• Networking

Additional Ways to Upskill Your Team

CEO Coaching

• Problem-solving and brainstorming
• Been-there-before perspective
•  Specific tactics and processes
•  1100+ tools, templates, articles, videos

Keynotes and Facilitation

• Keynotes, workshops, and training
• Monthly or quarterly CPD
• Fresh ideas, motivation, and alignment
• Upskill and increase team productivity

Impactful Courses

• Thought Leadership, and Differentiation
• Creativity, Innovation, Digital Strategy
• Branding, Writing and Editing
• Business Development, Networking 

What people are saying about Randall

"A top number one communicator and visionary with excellent skills and technical knowledge. I can recommend Randall without reservation."

Bob Coffey
Vice Chair, KPMG 

"Randall's astute counsel and strategic perspective have been invaluable to me as the CEO. His knowledge across the broad range of strategy, marketing, and technology has been invaluable."

Kirk Layton
President and Founder, eServus 

"Randall has the unique ability to cut to the heart of the issue and provides concrete ideas that change the way you think and clarify what needs to be done."

Cass Bayley
President, Bayley Group 

"Randall is a perceptive, highly innovative thinker with an acute awareness of the fundamental principles of business."

Patrick Ferrier
President, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher-Ed

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