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Driving Your Leadership Performance: Getting the best from yourself and your team

Tuesday, June 19 at 12 noon ET

As a leader, you motivate and set expectations for everyone within your organization… but what about yourself? For your partners? And for your leadership team?

In this month’s session, we’ll explore high-performance leadership: • Using accountability to drive leadership performance
• Better leadership, better relationships, better results
• Giving (and receiving) feedback from your partners
• Board relationships
• The role of outside advisors
• What to do when things are not going well
• And how to take ego out of the equation…

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?: Increasing Your Business Efficiency

Tuesday, July 16 at 12 noon ET

“Work smarter, not harder”, they say – but what does that mean exactly? Especially in growing businesses, leaders know what they know, but don't know what they don’t know…

This month’s session aims to provide new perspectives on how to incorporate greater efficiencies into your operations and processes so that your growth will be smoother – and faster.

Topics will include:
• Business management processes
• Improving productivity
• Getting the right people in the right seats
• Client journeys, operational efficiencies, and process redesign
• Technology as enabler… or obstacle
• Outsourcing
• Innovation
• And how to find the inspiration and
new ideas to continue to increase efficiencies!

Praise for Informed Decisions

"Really insightful. There are things I  hadn't onsidered. I though it was great and I appreciate it." -Darla Wright

"I was incredibly impressed how you made the whole thing a constant
learning process – so valuable." –Jason Croft

"I want to thank you very much Randall, and Ronja for your facilitating.
A lot of stuff percolating over here so I really appreciate it." –Randall Ettinger

"Brilliant insights, thank you!" –Donald Cooper

"Thank you for the ideas and tips!" –Kayce Halstead

"Great session!" –Nicole Blankenship

"I've enjoyed the discussion, this was good, thank you." –Jerry Cukier

"Great guidance on what's important." –John DiBenedetto

"Thank you, good information." –David Barned

Replay Informed Decisions Presentations and Q&As

Leadership: Building Leadership Capacity

Business Growth Coaching: Worth it? Or Waste of Time? Part 1

It seems that everywhere you turn, everyone is a coach. In this session, we aim to demystify the coaching industry: How do you find the right coach for you? How do you get the best results? What is the difference between a consultant and a coach and (and group coaching)? And where does pricing fit in? 

Business Growth Coaching: Worth it? Or Waste of Time? Part 2

In this part 2 we continue to dig into coaching approaches and how to get value from your business coaching relationships: The good and bad reasons why people discontinue with their business coaches, understanding coaching fees, group coaching, industry regulations, and more.

Getting the Most from an Advisory Board

Advisory boards are huge in private companies, but many still don’t have one in place. Some leaders are unclear on how to set one up, but recognize there is a need for on-demand advice. What then?
An insightful hour on how to leverage an advisory board to take your company’s growth to new heights. 

Delegation Skills, Leadership and Business Growth

While entrepreneurial leaders can often do it all, it's rarely in their best interest to hold on to tasks that can be delegated. This session will address delegation as a lever for business growth, and why it holds the key to being more effective in an age of hybrid work and rapid growth.
Concepts discussed: Push vs pull delegation, When delegating is not delegating, Obstacles to delegation, The flip side of delegation (i.e. accountability), When things don’t go right, When not to delegate, Developing trust between managers and employees, Setting boundaries and expectations, and more.

Strategy: Strategic inputs and new concepts

Pivoting Your Organization: When and How to Change Directions Part 1

After many years of success, things are not working the way they used to. Or… You’re a start-up looking for product-market fit. Or… an opportunity presents itself, and you need to decide whether to stay the course – or jump on the opportunity. 
These situations all have to do with “The Pivot”. In this Leadership Insight episode, we’ll explore the Why, When, and How to make the high-stakes pivot decision, and insights into doing it successfully.

Recession-Proofing Your Organization

Many leaders are feeling the challenge of steering their ship through recession, inflation, and economic uncertainty. For some, it’s about weathering the storm, and for others, it’s been a question of survival.
The question is one of cash: What can you do to preserve it? How do you cut your burn rate, while still investing in critical areas? And when things are very tight, what things can you do, right now, to “find” needed cashflow? In this session I’ll share some very different strategies and non-traditional approaches that leaders can use to recession-proof their business. (And to preserve cash.)

AI Risks and Opportunities

The opportunities offered by generative AI (i.e., ChatGPT) are extraordinary. But as a leader, do you feel you’ve cracked the nut on leveraging it to actually grow your organization?
We see leaders experimenting with (free) AI tools in order to (mostly) save time on writing or editing. Sounds reasonable, certainly — but can you use it to fundamentally change your business? And what about protecting your business from the risks?

Marketing: Efficiency, engagement, and growth

Digital Strategy and Inbound Marketing

One of the biggest drivers of business growth is Digital Strategy. You may already have a website, email, social media, marketing automation, and a CRM. The fundamental question is whether your digital investments are yielding the results that you expect. Is there a better way?

People: Getting the most from your team, personal development

Creating a High-Performance Team and Work Culture

How “good” is your corporate culture? Is it high-performing? Is it fully in sync with your external brand? And does it attract innovators (and promote innovation)? Or is it a drag on your business… and possibly even toxic?
No matter where your culture is now, is there a way to do better? Learn practical tools and strategies to turn your corporate culture into one that retains and attracts talent, drives your business, and improves the quality of your deliverables.

Developing Your Culture with Work-from-Home Teams

For many organizations, hybrid and work-from-home are here to stay, but how can leaders build a strong culture, and ensure that team members are accountable when they're not in the office? Part of this is developing new standards for communication, collaboration, and engagement.
Most of it is sharing with managers new tools and techniques to do their job: management. Listen in to learn more, and pick up some practical tips that can help.

Getting the Most from Your Learning and Development Budget

Does your training investment really generate results? Does it truly align with your organization’s strategy? Does it address the “real” problem you are trying to solve? And is the training reinforced throughout the organization, or is it a disconnected “one-and-done” exercise?
Learn about the pros and cons of various training options, when you should offer training altogether, and new ideas on generating alignment while upskilling your team.

Upskilling Your Team: Designing Your Continuing Professional Development Strategy

You have a CPD/CE program and a commitment to training, but are there nagging issues?  The work involved in coordinating all of the trainers is onerous. Members (and/or employees) aren’t inspired by the current material.  Training topics aren’t attracting new members (and/or employees). Are there other ways to solve these problems, beyond “more of the same”?  (There are…)  This session discusses alternative CPD/CE delivery methods, CPD issues and trends, and our “done for you” CPD concept.
Learn about the pros and cons of various training options, when you should offer training altogether, and new ideas on generating alignment while upskilling your team.

Business Development

Business Development for Firms: Part 1 of 3

• Growing your firm through thought leadership.
• Navigating the time investment required to create thought leadership vs the pressures of billable hours.
• The shared responsibilities of Marketing, HR, and IT in the bus dev process, and
• Business development training opportunities for professional services.

Business Development for Firms: Part 2 of 3

• Business development goals and accountability.
• Client experience, client touch points, and referrals.
• New geographies, virtual offices, and cultural fit with clients.
• The Price/Expertise/Trust Model, and
• How IP and thought leadership collateral can be used within the business development process.

Business Development for Firms: Part 3 of 3

• DEI, ESG, and other trends on bus dev.
• How to measure the success of your business development initiatives, and when change may be needed?
• How might an emphasis on (or lack thereof on) in-house training investment impact the firm brand?
• Is the juice worth the squeeze when it comes to your bus dev investments?

What Can You do in December for a More Successful Q1?

As you close up Q4, are there specific things that you can do to ramp up business growth for next year? Are you open to new ideas that can make the difference between real success? And are there important market changes that you can capitalize on moving forward? How can you set the tone for a productive December?

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