Empowering Growth

Working with leaders and their teams to bridge strategy and execution, to build capacity, generate alignment, and drive growth.

How We Help Scale Organizations

Build key skills in your team (and your leadership),
 develop competitive advantage, alignment, and growth.

An integrated program to drive significant change: Builds capacity to connect your strategy and execution.

We bring been-there-before perspective, tactical insights, and tough
questions to the table.

12-month CPD/CE program with monthly virtual presentations and weekly micro-learning reinforcements.

Upskill key employees with specific and practical self-paced learning to sharpen core business and marketing skills.

Improve business acumen and management skills with MBA-in-a-Day and Management Essentials Programs

Keynotes at Kick-offs and Conferences

Motivate your team, launch an initiative, and deliver a strong message... all aligned with your priorities.

Content and training partnership options to amplify your existing offerings.

Gainsharing options to save time, deliver member value, and earn non-dues revenue.

Working Together

We'll start by asking you a few questions:


What are the key challenges you are  facing?

What are you obstacles to organizational growth? Where are the areas of friction? And what are your priorities, strategically and tactically? We'll start with a discovery call to understand these questions, then identify the knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.


What are the priority skills your team needs?

Where are you spinning your wheels? Does your sales and marketing need a boost? Do you need to breathe new life into your strategic thinking, innovation, or critical thinking capabilities? Or it's your managers that need support. Or perhaps there are tactical skill upgrades that can make a difference.


What are the best ways to support you
to reach your goals?

The Capacity vs Aspiration debate: How far and how fast do you want to go to reach your goals? And what is the capacity of your team to absorb and implement new learning? What will have the greatest impact: one-on-one performance coaching? Group training? A kickoff or retreat? Or a full Impact Program (organization-wide or departmentally focused)? 


Live in-person,
Virtual, or Self-paced?

For coaching and continuing professional development, we recommend doing these "virtually", as this minimizes travel costs and time away from the office. It also means that people can access the training from geographically dispersed locations. For retreats, management education, and kick-offs/conferences, there are powerful advantages to bringing people together "live" in person: improved teamwork, and the "hallway" conversations.

Join our upcoming Informed Decisions Podcast

Get the pulse of topical issues and hear practical solutions in our monthly small group webinars for leaders.
Format: 15-20 minute presentation followed by your Q&A (no cost, just bring your questions).

Get the invites to our monthly webinars. Send us an email at [email protected]
and we’ll put you on the VIP invite list. See all our upcoming monthly events.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?: Increasing Your Business Efficiency

Tuesday, July 16 at 12 noon ET

“Work smarter, not harder”, they say – but what does that mean exactly? Especially in growing businesses, leaders know what they know, but don't know what they don’t know…

This month’s session aims to provide new perspectives on how to incorporate greater efficiencies into your operations and processes so that your growth will be smoother – and faster.

Topics will include:
 –Business management processes
–Improving productivity
–Getting the right people in the right seats
–Client journeys, operational efficiencies, and process redesign
–Technology as enabler… or obstacle
–And how to find the inspiration and new ideas to continue to increase efficiencies!

Achieving Work-Life Balance
for Leaders and their Teams

Wednesday, August 7 at 12 noon ET

Is achieving “balance” your New Year's Resolution – every year? Are you tired of Work-Life Balance training that only deals with stress and time management at the personal level, and ignores issues of leadership, or productivity?  And the practical “real-life” pressures that we all encounter? Finally, is there a better way to balance work and life – and succeed in both?

Join Randall Craig as he challenges the conventional wisdom, and provides specific, action-oriented guidance on how you can define a balance that powers your career – yet still gives you a life.

Topics will include:
-Understanding of the seven dimensions of balance.  
-Defining your own desired balance  
-Practical techniques to help broaden your focus, and still perform.  -Reality check: How do you avoid burn out?  
-Balance issues when leading a team:
-And Is it really a work vs life question?

Praise for Informed Decisions

"Really insightful. There are things I  hadn't onsidered. I though it was great and I appreciate it." -Darla Wright

"I was incredibly impressed how you made the whole thing a constant
learning process – so valuable." –Jason Croft

"I want to thank you very much Randall, and Ronja for your facilitating.
A lot of stuff percolating over here so I really appreciate it." –Randall Ettinger

"Brilliant insights, thank you!" –Donald Cooper

"Thank you for the ideas and tips!" –Kayce Halstead

"Great session!" –Nicole Blankenship

"I've enjoyed the discussion, this was good, thank you." –Jerry Cukier

"Great guidance on what's important." –John DiBenedetto

"Thank you, good information." –David Barned

See us in action (and learn more about how we think)

Listen in to these clips from our monthly Q&A sessions for leaders.

Driving Your Leadership Performance Part 1

As a leader, you motivate and set expectations for everyone within your organization… but what about yourself?

For your partners?

For your partners? And for your leadership team?

Recession-Proofing Your Organization

Many leaders are feeling the challenge of steering their ship through recession, inflation, and economic uncertainty.

In this session I’ll share some very different strategies and non-traditional approaches that leaders can use to recession-proof their business. (And to preserve cash.)

Delegation Skills, Leadership and Business Growth

While entrepreneurial leaders can often do it all, it's rarely in their best interest to hold on to tasks that can be delegated.
This session will address delegation as a lever for business growth, and why it holds the key to being more effective in an age of hybrid work and rapid growth.

And register to join (or just listen in on) upcoming live sessions: See list of events.

We welcome your topic suggestions! Send your suggestions to [email protected]!

How "healthy" is your organization? And when is the right time to invest in external support?
Take the test.

(Diagnostic tool for download)

As you lead your organization through evolutions and transitions, there are always changing needs (and fires to put out). For all the time, effort, and stress that comes with leadership, you can't help but wonder: Can I do better? Am I missing something? And are there changes I need to make to take my organization to the next level?

Take  our organizational health diagnostic test.
Download 83 Opportunities for Business Growth and grade your performance on Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Client Experience, People, Technology, Risk, and more.

What people are saying about Randall

"A top number one communicator and visionary with excellent skills and technical knowledge. I can recommend Randall without reservation."

Bob Coffey
Vice Chair, KPMG 

"Randall's astute counsel and strategic perspective have been invaluable to me as the CEO. His knowledge across the broad range of strategy, marketing, and technology has been invaluable."

Kirk Layton
President and Founder, eServus 

"Randall has the unique ability to cut to the heart of the issue and provides concrete ideas that change the way you think and clarify what needs to be done."

Cass Bayley
President, Bayley Group 

"Randall is a perceptive, highly innovative thinker with an acute awareness of the fundamental principles of business."

Patrick Ferrier
President, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher-Ed

Frequenty Asked Questions

How much time will your online professional development courses take?

The more effort you put into each action item, the greater your impact will be. Our two comprehensive courses (Thought Leadership, Trusted Advisor), are definitely not a "sit back and be entertained" training: they are zero-fluff. They have been designed to minimize the amount of your time listening, in order to give you more time to actually execute. For our shorter courses, they are designed to illuminate a particular topic area, and are also zero fluff: time commitment depends on how deeply you wish to implement any of the frameworks and concepts that were introduced.

What is Randall Craig's background?

Randall has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at KPMG, and was a senior executive at an American public company. He is the author 8 books, including The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business, has taught at numerous executive education programs, and frequently appears as an expert in the media. Beyond his role as the CEO of the Braintrust Professional Institute, Randall divides his time between coaching leaders on how to scale their businesses, writing, and sharing his knowledge on digital strategy as a conference speaker. Randall has served on numerous corporate and not-for-profit boards, and has earned an FCMC, CFA, MBA, CSP, and a Black Belt in Karate. Randall has also been inducted into the Speaking Hall of Fame.

Does the Braintrust Professional Institute deliver custom programs?

Yes! We alldeliver both custom programs, as well as "point" training on more than 58 topics across the areas of leadership, strategy, marketing, and business development. We also deliver integrated programs that include both live training and leadership coaching. Interested in learning more? Reach out at [email protected] or www.RandallCraig.net/30 to have a short conversation.

What support can I expect?

Support is provided via the four coaching calls that take place during the course. For tech issues, email us at any time. We want to make sure that you get off to a good start. In the first month, reach out if you have any questions and we'll do our best to support you.

How do I know this course will help me?

This course may not be right for you. If you don't do the work, you are guaranteed that you won't become a thought leader. This course provides the formula and tools to be successful. Randall has been teaching this methodology to over 100 major organizations, spoken to tens of thousands of audience members, and has been profiled by over 450 major outlets. All these experiences qualify Randall to share what he knows and how he got there. Now it's your turn. We want to teach you how to be uniquely you rather than teach you to be a cookie cutter.

Curious? Questions? Interested in exploring the possibilities?